Morecombe Farm

The Holiday Homes 

A unique aspect of our holiday homes are how remote you feel and yet are only 7 minutes from Kingsbridge and 15 minutes from the sea. With only 3 Holiday homes on site. All within their own gardens you can enjoy a good deal of privacy. Each home has a separate patio area complete with wooden picnic table, allowing you to eat lunch outside while admiring the views and sounds of the farm and woodland birds. The views, location and endless local activities will keep you busy all holiday. We hope you have a holiday to remember. .

Morecombe Farm Holiday Homes_edited.jpg

The Woodland and Meadow 

What makes this holiday location so special is the private 13 acre ancient woodland and meadow that is only open to you.
Spend a little time here walking around.

Admire the flowers and wildlife. Almost every day the Roe deer can be seen grazing here or out in the surrounding field.
At dusk the woods are full of Ravens, crows and Rooks these form spectacular flying displays over the woods before they drop into the trees to sleep.  

This is a wonderful place to teach your family about the great outdoors.

Morecombe farm woodland holidays.jpg